Sneak Peek: Get Plastered

November 17, 2011

By Jared Ainscough

Truly great interiors (especially classic interiors) have a huge amount of work that goes into them. Most of that work, if done well, is almost unnoticeable. When you take the time to appreciate the details, new worlds open up. One of those worlds is the art form of ornamental plaster.

In our upcoming January/February issue we feature the Boston Ornament Company, a company that has been working with the classic material for the last two decades. They have mastered cornices, scrolls, rosettes and–my personal favorite–ceiling medallions. Ornamental plaster seems to be less abundant than it once was, but you only need to look in the right places to find this kind of work being done today. These amazing plaster details do incredible things for interior spaces. They add amazing texture and detail to the hidden spots in a room. They can also bring a sense of history and heritage to a room that couldn’t be achieved otherwise.

Photos courtesy of Boston Ornament Company

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