Sneak Peek: Background Stories

August 11, 2011

By Jared Ainscough

When my wife and I were looking for a new home we loved the look of an old house. We saw countless crumbling antiques and ancient homesteads, but one thing that stuck with me after all this time was a beautiful mural inside one of the homes. Such work is a lost art form. Something that felt so special and so comfortable in years past has become a relic of days gone by.

In our upcoming September/October issue we’ll feature the work of one artist who is keeping that tradition alive. Muralist Susan Harter primarily paints pretty landscapes–but they are more than that. The dreamy quality of Harter’s paintings evokes a serenity and peacefulness. The murals aren’t depictions of exact places or locales, but they feel like places we’ve all been. They are places we would love to be, yet are airy enough to live in the background of some of the most beautifully designed homes in New England.

Photo by Eric Roth

Photo by Eric Roth


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