Sneak Peek: A Keeper on a Vermont Bluff

August 4, 2014

Lake Champlain House

Photography by Jim Westphalen

By Maria LaPiana

Many of us, when we make a costly impulse purchase, second-guess ourselves all the way home. And at least some of the time, experiencing buyer’s remorse, we rethink our decision and bring the dress, the table, whatever it may be …  back, glad we held onto the receipt. Not so with the Vermont property a Virginia couple bought on a whim. Newlyweds, they were captivated by views of the Adirondacks and Lake Champlain—and thus were able to look beyond the challenge of owning a scruffy, overgrown lot. It turns out they were a couple of visionaries who imagined—and ultimately built—a stunning, Energy Star certified Stick-style home that easily rivals the views they love so much. The home is architecturally adept and finished with refined flair; see for yourself in the September/October issue of New England Home

lake champlain house

lake champlain

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