Simple Ways to Refresh your Home in 2016

January 8, 2016

Text by Lynda Simonton

In this first installation of a series, some of New England’s leading interior designers share ideas on how you can refresh your home in 2016.

Stephanie Rossi, Spazio Rosso Interior Design, Boston

Refresh your home Stephanie Rossi

New Englanders have plenty to put up with when it comes to our ever-changing environment. A great way to beat the winter blues is to put some time and energy into refreshing our art collections; be your own art curator.

Thinking about your current art collection is a beautiful way to make changes, take inventory, and set goals for the new year. Start with making a list of what you currently have, how long you’ve had it,  whether you want to change it out with something different, or move it to another location. Collectors are always curating and moving special pieces around their home to make room for new art, or to simply view it from a different room, angle, or lighting environment. Searching galleries online is a great way to pass the time during one of our notorious Nor’Eastors, while educating yourself on the possibilities of expanding your future purchases and goals.

Cheryl Katz, C & J Katz Studio, Boston

Refresh your home Cheryl Katz

If you want to refresh your home, you should borrow a technique long employed by good retailers – reorganize the merch. “Floor set” as it’s called in the trade, is the act of moving goods that have been on display in the same way and in the same place for a period of time, to a new location. And presto, “everything old looks new again.”

To try this technique at home, remove books from the shelf, objects from the table, and art from the wall. Re-shelve, re-arrange, and re-hang. Friends will think you’ve been on a shopping spree.

For a long time, Jeffrey and I pooh- poohed the notion of the accent wall.

“So retro,” we complained.

Until we came across Brooklyn- based Flavor Paper. The company’s hand- screened or digitally printed wallpapers are so riveting that one of their designs on a key wall is all you need.

Paint, paint, paint. There’s nothing that revives a room like a coat of fresh white paint. For a crisp, clean look try Benjamin Moore’s Snowfall. If it’s a moodier feeling you’re after, use their Bruton White.

Danit Ben-Ari, Interior Transformations, Brookline, Massachusetts

Refresh your home Danit Ben Ari

For me, a project just isn’t complete until artwork is hung!  What better way to refresh your home than original art?  It’s a fantastic opportunity for bringing together disparate design elements and express individuality. In addition to enhancing your home, purchasing art directly from local artists helps support design in your own community and can also tell a story about your travels and life experiences….  A home is a reflection of who we are and art is a terrific medium of expression!

Megan Pesce, Megan Pesce Design, Acton Massachusetts

megan pesce

I was beyond thrilled with the 2016 Color of the Year announcement by Benjamin Moore being Simply White followed by Sherwin Williams Alabasterthose have been color favorites of mine for some time. This announcement may have sparked many debates as to whether “white” was really even a color, but I have always loved the freshness it brings to a space.

The cleanliness of the white palette allows for use of bold colors that might otherwise be completely overwhelming. Enhancing your home with a few key pieces in vibrant hues gives your space a sophisticated look that can be easily updated as the seasons, or your style changes.

Although “Pop of Color” might just be the most overused clichés in the design world, I do believe that by adding a few colorful accessories into an otherwise neutral space can take a room from ordinary to extraordinary. You can try adding a few key pieces, like a vibrant armchair paired with a painted wood mirror above the mantle in your family room; or brightly colored lamps and throw pillows in your bedroom. Keep in mind that when you layer in more complementary colors you should try and keep your focus on the main hue. This idea is simple, impactful, and can be accomplished on almost any budget.

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