Shopping New York – New York, New York, It’s a Wonderful Town*

April 8, 2015

By Cheryl Katz

It’s piled up, jam packed, crammed full, crowded, crazy, colorful. And that’s only part of its charm. To embrace New York madly, passionately —and that’s the only way to love this city of over eight million people—you’ve got to accept the too –much- of- it-ness.

Not in a 1980’s over the top way —though there is that —the new Baccarat Residence and Hotel on 54th Street is a perfect elegant example. It’s more about the fact that if one of something is good, a whole lot of it is even better.

To wit, within a one-mile radius, and in less than an hour, we feasted our eyes on things that looked greatest in groups.

Linen Towels John Derrian

Linen towels at John Derian, 6 E 2nd St

Photography by Jeffrey Katz

Colorful Gumballs

Gumballs at Economy Candy, 108 Rivington St.

Coral & Tusk Pillows

Coral and Tusk Pillows at John Derrian

Pressed Glass

Pressed Glass at John Derian

Wood Trophies

Wood Trophies, all at John Derian


Salamis, Essex Market, 120 Essex St.

*Music by Leonard Bernstein, lyrics by Betty Comden and Adolph Green, 1944

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