Scot Meacham Wood: Of Light and Shadow…

August 2, 2011

Us versus them. Sometimes it feels like one has to take an antagonistic battle stance. Feet placed slightly more than shoulder width apart, knees bent, ready for anything. Ready to pounce.

Because when the topic of “beach style†arises, there’s a clear difference between East Coast and West Coast style. But let me assure you–even as a West coast resident–when it comes to coastal style, my true allegiance lies some 3,000 mile to the east, where the dawn first touches the shore. And in some ways, it’s that same light that draws me there…

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When I’ve worked on projects on the East coast, the light fascinates me. It is so different than the light in the west. Colors bounce differently. So much so that paint chips we’ve meticulously chosen in our San Francisco offices have to be tweaked again once we get to the other side of the country. Not the saturated sunlight of the Florida coastline, or the clear azure colors of Hawaii, but, a simpler light. A classic hue. Aged. Wizened.

Light… and shadow… and magic.

SMW Design; click to see more

SMW Design; click to see more

–Scot Meacham Wood
Scot Meacham Wood, owner of the eponymous design firm based in San Francisco, finds absolute delight seeing his client’s homes and lives transformed over the course of each design project. After working with Ralph Lauren for fifteen years, Scot opened his own design business in 2001–and has since worked on residential and commercial projects of all sizes across the United States. Runner. Musician. Anglophile. Textile junkie. Science fiction nerd. Interior designer. And please check out Scot’s own blog, The Adventures of Tartanscot.

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