Ready, Set, Organize

January 7, 2015

By Lynda Simonton

Of course it is cliché to get organized in the New Year, but we just can’t avoid the urge to organize, purge, and rejuvenate our homes in January. Perhaps it is a reaction to the excess decoration in December? Or just a result of spending more time at home nesting during the cold months? Either way, take this energy and make the most of it! The www is flushed with organizational ideas and I've curated some of the best for you.  Here’s to a beautiful, clutter free, and serene 2015.

Cheryl Katz is legendary in the Boston design community (and beyond) for her chic style from her fabulous interiors to her signature white shirts. So, it is no surprise that she manages to find stylish cleaning supplies. Her picks actually make me want to cleanor at least think long and hard about it.

Kaufmann Mercantile

When it comes to organizational inspiration, Jen Jones of i heart organizing is my go-to-gal. This blog post is a round-up of all the projects she completed in 2014. Ignore the fact that this post will make you feel terrible about your own lack of productivity, and jump in and get a few great ideas to help you get started organizing in 2015.

Image via i heart organizing

Charlotte Barnes shared her mood board on Instagram. These are a great way to define organizational goals for the visually minded. If you don’t want to create an actual board try a virtual one on Pinterest, or create a digital one and make it your computer’s screen saver as a constant reminder of your New Year's goals.

Charlotte Barnes via Instagram

Leslie Fine of Leslie Fine Interiors has developed an expertise in helping people transition to the “empty nest” phase of their lives and downsize. Her Facebook post notes that downsizing in space forces you to reduce the clutter and live with what is most important to you. Read more here.

A butler’s pantry is organization central for people who love to entertain. Daher Interior Design has created a lovely pinterest board of elegant pantries to draw inspiration from.

Simplicty abounds on Grant Gibson’s Instagram account. I feel lighter just looking at some of the images.

grant gibson

Grant Gibson via Instagram

My junk drawer continues to present and organizational challenge. Why is it always full when I am constantly cleaning it out? Courtney from a Thoughtful Place actually expanded hers to be a two tier organization system. Maybe I just need to embrace the junk drawer and double up!

a thoughtful place

A Thoughtful Place

I must admit that I have fallen out of love with Twitter, but a quick search of #homeorganization reminded me of the endless ideas that are shared there.  These simple tips from Organizers in Canada are a gentle reminder that getting organized happens in small steps.

Sill looking for incentive to create an organized home? Peruse our Get Organized! Pinterest board featuring laundry rooms, butler's pantries, and home offices. 

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