Playing to Type

October 22, 2013

Text by Cheryl and Jeffrey Katz

We’re not sure when our fascination with typography as a decorative device surfaced. Was it triggered by a renewed interest in good old-fashioned typewriters? (They’re all the rage these days among hipsters, and apparently Tom Hanks has a vast collection of them.) Were we yearning for the days of circle, circle, push, push Palmer-method penmanship? Or could it be the thank-you note we received a while back? All swoopy letters and lovely thoughts after a dinner party, handwritten in the blackest ink on the heaviest stationery.

Maybe the reality of this infatuation is much simpler—a responseto the fast and furious dissemination of information, a reaction to the 140-character world we increasingly find ourselves in.

In any case, here are a few examples of all the write stuff.

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