Patterned Wood Flooring is On Trend

October 6, 2020


Text by Lynda Simonton

Wood flooring continues to be the gold standard for luxury in New England homes, but how do you take one of the most enduring flooring materials and make it feel fresh? Surprisingly, the latest trend in wood flooring is rooted in history and tradition.  Wood floor patterns, also known as parquet, come in a variety of designs, and are showing up in all styles of homes, from traditional brownstones to contemporary farmhouses.

Here are some of the most popular parquet flooring patterns according to Carlisle Wide Plank Floors that will add interest to any room in your home.


This popular zig-zag pattern is formed by adjoining planks in a V-shape which make a perfect point. Chevron has been a go-to for interior designers for many years, showing up in custom wood floors because the pattern brings a lively energy to any room. Light-colored oak options, like this oak chevron flooring from Carlisle Wide Plank Floors, keep the pattern feeling modern.


A herringbone flooring pattern is a close cousin to the chevron pattern. In fact, you may have to look closely to note the difference!  The ends of chevron planks are cut at a forty-five-degree angle, while herringbone planks are cut at ninety degrees. To give this pattern a natural look as shown above, the original character of the White Oak planks, such as knots and mineral streaks, were left in and then prefinished with a clear matte finish.  If you prefer less character in your pattern, Carlisle Wide Plank Floors’ popular Manhattan Herringbone uses rift- and quarter-sawn white oak planks in six modern stain colors ranging from a light whitewash to deep ebony.


Parquet flooring takes a contemporary turn with a hexagon pattern. Carlisle Wide Plank Floors can customize the design in any chosen wood species and finish. They will even work with you to create custom borders for a personalized look.


One of the most intricate wood flooring patterns, basketweave brings an air of formality to a home. Here, a grand foyer is emphasized with a White Oak hardwood flooring basketweave pattern that blends beautifully with the plank floors in adjacent rooms


This intricate Versailles flooring pattern is still being selected for homes with the most exclusive level of finishes. This pattern requires a high level of craftsmanship in building the pattern as each piece is hand-cut to form the design.  This labor-intensive process makes Versailles a higher cost patterned wood flooring option, but once the patterns are crafted into 40” x 40” sections, the installation of these sections is very easy and the elegance of the finished product speaks for itself.

Visit the Carlisle Wide Plank Floors showroom at the Boston Design Center in suite 541 or at for more information on the products mentioned above.

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