Notes from the Field: York Street Studios

May 20, 2013


By Karin Lidbeck Brent

Every job I work on at New England Home is a plentiful learning experience. I have the opportunity to not only meet new people and to travel to different parts of New England, but to discover new designers. I am on an endless search for new talent. I am constantly finding the work of fabulous designers who fill homes with inspiring pieces. These pieces never cease to blow me away.

This week, I had the opportunity to stumble across another great designer. While on a job in the beautiful town of New Preston, Connecticut at the home of Susanna Salk, the author of Be Your Own Decorator, I found a piece that caught my eye.

Photo by Karin Lidbeck Brent

This table, designed by York Street Studio, is made from pine. A custom piece, York Street Studio has designed similar tables made from wood for their clients. The pine used to make this particular table was taken from a nearby property they know personally. This pine dining room table, with a modern shape and an antique feel, is the perfect reflection of York Street Studio’s design philosophy, which is to design their pieces to look modern, but to feel as a though they have a history. Modern, yet traditional, is their vision.

York Street Studio, owned by Linda Zelenko and Stephen Piscuskas, started in 1988 on York Street in Brooklyn.  Stephen, a painter and craftsman specializing in wood and metal, and Linda, a shoe designer for seventeen years, joined their skills and began working in two materials; leather and wood. They believe the combination of materials and integration of pieces is what’s important in a space.

Photo courtesy of York Street Studios

This living room perfectly personifies their integration technique. Stephen and Linda wanted the living room to feel traditional and formal but with a warm feeling.  York Street Studio is known for their leather paneling, and they have installed their leather paneling in rooms across the country. The scale of the paneling and the light in the room are what make the paneling so unique. The rooms neutral coloring allows what’s really important to stand out; the people in it. Stephen and Linda wanted the room to make people look flattering. The room was truly designed with you in mind.

Photo courtesy of York Street Studios

This brightly lit Connecticut space is another great example of their leather and wood combination. The leather chairs beautifully compliment the oak panels and wood floors.

York Street Studio is located in Woodbury, Connecticut.

Tel: 203-266-9000



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