Notes from the Field: The Best Rooms of 2012

December 31, 2012

By Karin Lidbeck Brent

With every New England Home story, we highlight the work of the most talented architects, interior designers, builders and craftspeople in the region. This means I am given the opportunity to work with an incredible array of talent.

As I finish up my second year as a contributor to New England Home, I proudly reflect back on some of the wonderful projects I have had the good fortune to produce, houses that capture the rich diversity of architectural styles and interiors in our region.

The following homes are among some of my favorite stories from the 2012 year because of their inimitable style, showcasing an array of unique characteristics, each bringing a different look to the magazine.

Usually, a home can be summed up by its entrance, and this beautiful entry said it all. The art, New York Drippings, a stunning twenty-seven-foot multi-panel painting by Venezuelan artist Sigfredo Chacón is part of the modern Latin art collection that is showcased in dramatic ways throughout this home of classic architecture, appearing in our New England Home Connecticut summer issue. Once you set foot in this house, there is no turning back!

Photo by John Gould Bessler

It was well worth the five-hour drive to find this well-designed timber-frame mountain home, especially with the panoramic views captured through its wide windows. The home’s dramatic style mirrors the breathtaking mountainside slopes. I was thrilled to find this home for our November/December issue.

Photo by Jim Westphalen

This early-1900s summer cabin restored to new splendor was a huge and exciting surprise. Not the typical design for a Cape Cod home sitting on the beach-y coast of Buzzards Bay, which was a big reason we decided to feature it in our September/October issue. The home’s pervasive, cozy wood paneling mixed with a modern design creates a very successful marriage of a bygone era and today’s forward vision.

Photo by Eric Roth

In the most unlikely of places, I was thrilled to discover a concrete house hidden along the mighty Connecticut River in New Hampshire. Inspired by the designs of renowned Japanese architect Tadao Ando, the home combines concrete and glass to create a sleek, clean, modern look. As I toured the home, I was almost speechless, overwhelmed by captivating views inside and out. We ended up including it in our May/June issue this year.

Photo by Jim Westphalen

Photo by Jim Westphalen

Spending a morning touring projects with Lewis Interiors, I found myself elated while visiting the extraordinary homes of their clients. That morning, my love for classic design was reinforced. Stately glamour and elegance in this Beacon Hill condominium, featured in the March/April issue, reminded me that tradition thrives abundantly in the city of Boston.

Photo by Michael Partenio

The thrill is in the hunt! I feel so lucky in a day of scouting when I find one fabulous project that I can take back and share with our editorial staff for review.

One day last spring, in a quiet Connecticut neighborhood of historic and antique homes, I visited this avant garde and forward-thinking renovation of a 1960s contemporary, which appeared in the fall issue of New England Home Connecticut. I felt very lucky indeed!

Photo by Laura Moss

Sometimes I come across a home designed with children in mind. This was clearly the case in this family-friendly lakeside abode. This room, from the September/October issue, gets my best kids’ workspace award. It combines ship-lap siding and vaulted ceilings to create a bright workspace with a great modern vibe.

Photo by John Gruen

Lastly, spectacular seaside homes have graced our New England coast forever and  I will never tire of visiting houses with those ocean views. Who would say no to a home that offers breakfast with this picture-perfect view? This photo graced the cover of our July/August issue.

Photo by Miki Duisterhoff

Heading into the New Year, I’m planning my scouting trips around New England for 2013 looking for more diverse and beautiful projects.

If you have any designs that you would like to share, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. I hope you will send them our way. We would love to hear from you.

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