Notes from the Field: Getting the Job Done Behind the Scenes

October 8, 2012

By Karin Lidbeck Brent

When it comes to our photography production schedule, Stacy, Kyle and I are pretty busy in the summer months trying to get 80 percent of our features photographed when gardens are green, the sun is high and the days are long. Now that our “busy season” is over, I’ve had some time to reflect on the many projects we completed in the last few months. Working with the best architects and designers, we are invited into New England’s most magnificent homes to style and work on the features we bring to you. I just love this opportunity to work alongside a great crew of such talented professionals. One shoot, in particular, that was a favorite of mine is a house that is featured in the current issue of New England Home. I’m sure you‘ve all been drooling over this home designed by Charlotte Barnes.

Photo by Michael Partenio

Photographer Michael Partenio and I arrived on set  extra early on a Glorious June morning. As is often the case, many of the homes we shoot occupy some of New England’s best shoreline, as was the case here.

Photos by Karin Lidbeck Brent unless otherwise noted. 

Charlotte Barnes and the homeowner were there to greet us at the door with welcoming hot coffee and delicious bakery items. As is the usual case, there is just never enough time to get all the photos you want, so we set off at a breakneck pace, which continued until the sun set (and remember June has the longest days of the year). Since we usually determine the shots based on sunlight, our first shot of the day was of the back patio. We all had to race against the sun before it rose too high over that magnificent view. Charlotte and the homeowner dressed up the space in record time, rearranging furniture to meet the best camera angle



Photographer Michael Partenio shot this back view from multiple angles.


One aspect of this home that is not captured in the article photos is the tiered patio with layers of spaces for dining. This was one area we just did not have time to shoot. Editing the shot list is always a great challenge.


Throughout the day I took many pictures of this view from the magnificent pool.


Inside we made our shot list. Charlotte and I worked on styling all of the details, both little and big, throughout. This bedroom nook needed attention and organizing with books, accents, pillows and throws. Charlotte was ahead of the game at every turn, she is so much fun to work with! I loved her attention to detail.


Michael and his assistant David are continually working the lighting while all the styling is getting fine-tuned. We all keep going back to the computer screen, which serves as the command station where we continually check the results of our work as it progresses, until we are happy with a final shot.


Below is a fabulous room that was a favorite of mine, a cozy and quintessential den filled with fascinating family memorabilia and collections. There is a lot more to this room than we had time to photograph, and the dark, small space was an impossible challenge for my camera. Michael’s results were much better than mine (this is his photo), which is why we rely on his incredible lighting skills. Michael’s photos showcase the lush depth of color Charlotte chose for this space.

Photo by Michael Partenio

Our day ended after the sun went down but celebration was definitely in order with a toast to a really great crew. Once again my iPhone is no match for the pro’s camera, but just the same, a memory of a great day is captured and remembered!


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