Notes From the Field: All The White Stuff

August 5, 2015

By Cheryl Katz

Within a thirty-day period last winter, 73" of snow fell in Boston. By my somewhat questionable calculations, that amount of white stuff could fashion a fairly substantial—albeit fleeting—necklace of snowballs. A piece of jewelry befit for a giraffe.

And just this week, not even the hippest craft-of-the-cocktail bar could match the lumps of milky white ice that fell from the sky.

So while on the subject of ethereal orbs of white add to the aforementioned list the burgeoning popularity of white hydrangea.

Maybe these extravagant blooms seem ubiquitous as a result of a recent trip to Litchfield County where the hardy shrub seems de riguer. Or maybe it’s that while vacationing in Truro, the once ubiquitous blue and purple variety seems to have been overtaken by its cream sibling.

No matter, these big, round, glorious flower clusters will fill the gap until the next force of nature comes along.

white hydrangea

Photo courtesy of

White Hydrangea

Photography by Jeffrey Katz

white hydrangea

white hydrangea

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