New England Home “5 Under 40” 2017: Maggie Mink

August 29, 2017

Text by Erin Marvin


A combined love of art, science, and math initially led Maggie Mink to the field of architecture, and it’s this blend of intellect and ingenuity that contributes to her ongoing success. “On a daily basis I get to be an artist, scientist, and anthropologist all at once,” she says.

Maggie Mink Architect

Photograph by Bruce Rogovin

Mink practices her craft as a senior associate with Marcus Gleysteen Architects. The small Boston-based firm is run much like a studio, with collaboration at the core of every project. There is also a strong emphasis on drawing things by hand. “What we do with clients is not a verbal thing,” says Mink. “We’re trying to create spaces and evoke emotions and frame views, so it’s important to be able to communicate visually.”

Communication and collaboration extend to each client, whose feedback fuels new ideas for the custom homes Mink and her fellow architects create. This focus on each client’s cultural tastes, interests, and circumstances is the reason why the firm produces such a prolific range of styles.

Photograph by Marcus Glysteen

Mink’s work stretches across New England and beyond, and movement between traditional and modern sometimes happens within a single home: a Shingle-style exterior may conceal modern white planes contrasted by wood and steel; a contemporary glass facade could reveal traces of more traditional millwork inside. If there is a consistent visual cue to the work of Mink and Marcus Gleysteen Architects, it is a focus on livability. “We really think about how people will live in the house,” says Mink, “not just how it will look in our portfolio.”

Even so, Mink’s portfolio undeniably contributes to more beautiful visual language.

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