Mitzi Beach: Boomer Design at High Point Market

November 5, 2013

The 2013 High Point Furniture Market in High Point, North Carolina was exciting, inspiring, and educational. There was an energy that was almost tangible as interior designer attendees (like myself) were optimistic as our design businesses continued improving.

As a design and lifestlye expert, I focus on the Baby Boomer generation, so I was on the lookout specifically for design that would appeal to that demographic. 

While I was there, I spotted some awesome finds from this fabulous High Point Market for Boomers everywhere to consider. Why?

Well, Boomers are wanting to stay in their present homes (85 percent) and remodel, or move. Either way, they want to buy smart but not look old…my goodness, no! So the movers and shakers of the Boomers are doing transitional, neutral, comfortable, functional buying but wanting to look hip, sophisticated, and even sexy in their image of this way cool life stage of being and claiming Boomerhood.

These pieces represent just that..a touch of color, drama, the unexpected pop saying “see, I am so cool” even as a Baby Boomer! The smart Boomer knows that a little goes a long way so they are choosing wisely where they want their pop of coolness to be displayed and also enjoyed.

Photos by Mitzi Beach

-Mitzi Beach

Mitzi Beach is a Boomer design and lifestyle expert based in Kansas City. Follow her on Twitter @mitzi_beach

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