Mid-Cape Home Centers: A Century of Success

April 30, 2019

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Text by Kaitlin Madden

In a time when emergent retail businesses struggle to last even a few years, Mid-Cape Home Centers is about to celebrate an impressive milestone: 2020 marks the Cape Cod stalwart’s 125th anniversary, and the company’s commitment to innovation is stronger than ever.

For one, Mid-Cape, which has locations across the Cape and Islands, finalized its acquisition of Falmouth-based Wood Lumber Company, a business with its own rich history and loyal following in the area, in April 2019. “The acquisition of Wood Lumber Company makes so much sense for us because they’re also a family-owned business with a commitment to quality, service, and community,” says Crystal Pieschel, marketing director at Mid-Cape Home Centers. “It’s such a natural extension of our brand and a seamless way to broaden our service in the area.”

Mid-Cape’s growth isn’t just in the physical sense. The business has managed to not only survive but thrive thanks to a commitment to constant evolution in order to better serve the local market. Mid-Cape began with one location—a lumberyard—in the late 1890s. As times changed, it opened additional locations around the Cape and southeastern Massachusetts, and it expanded the scope of the business to better suit the needs of its clientele.

“In the early stages, there was one location built alongside the Cape Cod railroad. That grew to two and then to three. Now our six locations are a combination of showrooms, retail stores, and lumberyards,” explains Pieschel. “We are a building materials supplier, but when it comes to our customers, whether they’re homeowners or they’re in the building industry, we see ourselves as a partner and a value-adding resource in whatever project they’re working on.”

This vision has driven much of the innovation for the company, which has added to its scope of services over the years. “We have kitchen showrooms and onsite designers. We offer windows and doors along with roofing and siding, and we do custom millwork,” says Pieschel. “But our architectural support team has received the most attention. When architects are choosing or specifying windows for their projects, for example, we have experts here, helping choose the right products for the coastal environment.”

Another core value that’s served Mid-Cape well is a commitment to quality, a trait that’s entrenched in all areas of the business. “In terms of our team, many of our employees have been here for 20 years or more. They know the business and know the products. They take pride in their expertise, and we’re always looking for ways to help them expand it,” says Jack Stevenson, president of Mid-Cape Home Centers.

As for products, the Mid-Cape team is constantly evaluating the market to ensure they are carrying the best of the best. “We’ve noticed the demand for high-quality products continues to increase, so we make it a point to serve that need. There is a certain level of quality that is expected of the homes along the South Shore and Cape. People want the best of the best, and we are working to achieve that,” says Stevenson. “We constantly evaluate the products and brands that we partner with so we can make sure we give our customers the very best. We stay ahead of the industry by offering only the top brands in each category.”

As Mid-Cape approaches its 125th year, there are no plans to simply rest on its laurels—no matter how well deserved that may be. Instead, new initiatives already dot the horizon. The company recently rebranded in order to stay more relevant and is actively extending its commitment to service beyond its customers. “We are making an effort to get more involved with local causes and really establish ourselves as a leader in our communities,” says Pieschel. “We want to support the Cape and surrounding areas as much as they’ve supported us.”

That’s a mindset we’d be willing to bet is still in fashion 125 years from now.

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