Michael Ferzoco: Styling for the Single Guy

December 31, 2013

By Michael Ferzoco

The term “bachelor pad” typically conjurs up images of worn-out sofas positioned around extra-large TVs, and beer-signs-for-art. But, home for a single guy doesn’t have to be without style, and more and more often, it isn’t. Men are starting to realize that their is big, beautiful, and supringly simple to find world of design after college decor, and deciding it’s time to take their space for one and transform it into a sophisticated, stylish and comfortable haven. 

So where to begin? I always suggest starting with the basics…the good basics. Edit what you have and acquire a few new, timeless pieces to bring the interiors up a notch or two. In the space below, we chose a sleek dining table and sideboard, and retro-inspired, leather upholseted chairs to create a stylish dining area.

Photos by Michael J. Lee

For bachelors, functionality should also be taken into consideration. Approach your bachelor pad from the point of view of how it’ll work best for your lifestyle.  Planning for friends visiting for the weekend, frequent dinner parties because you enjoy cooking, a private work enclave that can be closed off from the rest of the apartment, a spa–like master bathroom, durable fabrics and materials that will resist staining. All of these considerations are important for creating a comfortable space that meets your needs.

Another important planning point: spatial relations and properly placed lighting, which are the most important factors I consider in my design work. And don’t worry about (in fact, try to avoid) matching all your pieces. Mix design periods/elements and make the space feel as if it’d been updated or had evolved over time. A tip for achieving this look in a bachelor pad is to use materials that invoke the various ideas of typical “city” living, old brass and other metal finishes, stone, interior brick, subway tile, concrete floors, heavy/solid doors, a variety of wood species. Mix these materials so that they work to create a livable, comfortable and sophisticated space that still feels masculine.

I followed the same philosophy for my own bachelor pad, adding and editing (and adding and editing some more!) until I reached the point where there was no need to add anything else and more importantly, there was no longer anything to edit.  Remember, it is always a work in progress, but it should always be a space that is a reflection of you.

Michael Ferzoco

Michael Ferzoco is president of Eleven Interiors, an award winning interior design firm located at 535 Albany St., 4th floor, Boston, MA, 617-423-1114. www.eleveninteriors.com.

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