Mahmud Jafri: On Trend with Color Blocking

March 18, 2014

color blocking

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Often design trends first hit the fashion runway then make their way into interior design. Knowing this, it comes as no surprise that the bold fashion trend of color blocking, which many of us wear now, is rolling into our homes. This ultra-modern fad allows homeowners to add a jolt of color and energy to any room.

There are a couple of ways you can bring color blocking into your home with rugs and carpets. First, you can accomplish the complete look by buying a color-blocked rug or carpet, making it the simplest way to incorporate color blocking. If you decide a color-blocked rug is the lift your room needs, it’s important to consider keeping it simple. For example, the Tufenkian Stones collection stays true to the color-blocking trend, but boasts simple shapes and sticks to colors within the same family.

tufenkian color block

Photos courtesy of Dover Rug & Home

This abstract carpet by designer Laura Kirar (also from Tufenkian) uses color blocking in a considerably jazzier fashion.

Second, you can use monotone rugs and carpets to color block along with other colors in your room. Requiring a little more coordination than a color-blocked rug, this look can be achieved with throw pillows, an accent wall, or, really, anything else in your room. But whatever you choose to color block with, you want to make sure the colors are complementary.

However you decide to do it, color blocking is a quick way to bring new life and style to your home.

—Mahmud Jafri

Mahmud Jafri is CEO of Dover Rug & Home in Natick, Mass. Dover Rug & Home will be hosting “From Floors to Walls—Everything You Need to Know About Buying Fine Art & Fine Rugs” on Thursday, March 27, from 5:30–8:00pm. The event is part of the first annual Boston Design Week celebration, a ten-day design-focused festival taking place at various locations in and around the greater Boston area.

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