Lucy Dearborn: Landscape Lighting – Eight Bright Ideas to Light the way!

December 2, 2014

It’s official—fall has arrived with itscrisp air, golden colors and fading light. Why surrender to dark days when adding landscape lighting can enhance sparkle, safety and security to your home, making it a joy to return to each day?

Here are eight bright ideas to think about when considering installing landscape lighting to your home this fall.

1. A great place to start when you are considering landscape lighting is to decide how you are using spaces,and what features in your home should be highlighted? Is it the pathway to your front door? Or, would you fancy looking out your kitchenwindow where you’ll be entertaining at night? Consider uplighting trees to highlight interesting branches and silhouettes.

exterior lighting

All photographs courtesy of Lucia Lighting & Design

2. Design a plan with a lighting specialist. A professional can help you formulate a plan that evolves over time, allowing you to add beauty, safety, and security progressively.

3. Landscape lighting allows you move safely around your outdoor spaces after the sun goes down. Landscape lighting is as pretty in the winter as it is functional in the summer.  Driving up to a well-lit home makes you feel good and lights the way to the inside safely.

Driveway Lighting

4. Use low voltage LED lightingfor ease of installation by your qualified contractor. It uses up to 90% less energy than conventional lighting. 50,000 hour lamp life offers a low maintenance solution so your landscape stayslit for safety, security, and beauty for a lifetime.

5. Lighting hardscapes, focal points and architectural elements is a great way to extend your home and your day.

landscape lighting

6. Ask your lighting specialist about energy efficient retrofits. She can retrofit LED bulbs in your current working landscape fixtures. You will use up to 90% less energy and almost never change a bulb.

7. If you’d like to turn on your lights from your car for safety and security, or if you’d like to change light levels from your chaise, you can control your outdoor living environments much like your interior.  Scenes can be created for every mood from reading to romance.

lighting control

8. Light up brick and cobblestone walkways, for safety and to accentuate a winding path or interesting surface.

walkway lighting

Landscape lighting helps you expand your home to the outdoors. As we invest in our landscape, either by a total renovation or just a few new plants and trees, we can light up those favorite features for round the clock enjoyment!

Lucy Elizabeth Dearborn is the founder and owner of Lucia Lighting & Design. Her initials (LED) forecasted a passion for and life dedicated to lighting up interiors, exteriors and life!


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