Kristina Crestin: It’s in the Details

July 9, 2013

Most of the time I find that a great space is comprised of the thoughtful details that bring it together. Sometimes it’s the right pillow on a sofa, but sometimes it’s something more integral to the design of the room.

Stellar light switches that blend away, but also have a ‘cool factor’, has always been an item I thought could have such great potential.  I’ve always wondered at how to get in on the redesign of such a component – but seeing that I am not an industrial designer, I let that one go! 

Recently, working on my own half bath I was struggling to find something that was simplistic in its nature and didn’t jump out at you, but would also be noticeably well-designed and created with quality materials.  I ended up finding this company called Adorne which makes light switches and outlets. They fit just the niche I was looking for in the market. There were enough color options that could fit into my design not to mention being made of quality materials. I spent forever pouring over their web site, checking out their cute video’s (A+ for their marketing team!) and trying to decide on finishes.  It was a pretty exciting day when the boxes finally came in the mail with all the parts and pieces.

For the outlet we picked a pop-out style which, when not in use, sits flush with the cover plate – brilliant!  It just hides away in the space, which is perfect!  See the before and after below, not to mention the before and process picture of the space below (we’re still waiting on the stone counter and window treatment…cobbler’s kids shoes here!).

Photos by Kristin Crestin

Then for switching the lights and the fan we were able to do this 3 gang with dimmers.  Cool looking, works great.  What more could one ask?  Oh, how about that the pewter cover plate we picked is beefy and looks like a real piece of hardware – rather than plastic.  That works!  I can’t tell you how many comments we’ve had so far on such a little item. I am certainly showing this to all of my clients!

Below, before photo of the space – with the ugly almond-toned plastic outlet and coverplate. So happy to see it go!

Check out their products here if you are interested in getting more information:

Kristina Crestin

Kristina Crestin is the owner of Kristina Crestin Design, a residential firm in Essex, Massachusetts. Her firm offers full-scope interior design for clients in the Greater Boston area and beyond. 

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