Kathie Chrisicos: Contemporary Design for High-Rise Living

September 30, 2014

The allure of living in a high-rise is that your surroundings are always changing. From the subtle morning hues to the deep evening skies, the view is never the same.

Variation of light and transitioning of seasons is taken into consideration when developing the color palette. A neutral color scheme will enhance, and not contrast with, the outward view. Utilizing bursts of color, and finishes such as wood and metal will wake up the room in the evening or when the window treatments are drawn.

luxury condominium

Interior Design by Kathie Chrisicos, photography by John Horner

The view is always the focus. With such a strong focus, the design of the room should take on a theme of simplicity and calmness. Simplicity is a natural outcome of strong transitional and contemporary design.

ritz carlton luxury condo
Photo courtesy of The Ritz Carlton Residences

Furnishings should be selected for the role that they will play and placed where they will complement the view, never blocking the view. Furnishings made from meticulously selected materials that are designed and then made by craftsmen do not invade a room or take away the impact of a view- instead these pieces enrich the simplicity and harmonious theme.

luxury condo

Interior Design by Kathie Chrisicos, photography by John Horner

It is important to select the correct scale for all elements of a space. If the room is compact, the furnishings, the patterns in your fabric, and the accents should be smaller in size. For a tall or more spacious room the elements can be larger, patterns can be bigger and mixed. Equally important is proportion. Proportion refers to how the different elements relate to each other. For example, in the photo below, the narrow hardware compliments the sleek cabinets both proportionally and in size and style. The perfect knob or handle is as important as the colors of the walls. Scale and proportion should be considered for every detail in a room to create a balanced design.

mandarin oriental

Photo courtesy of The Mandarin Oriental

In addition to working with the view, what is covering the view is an import design element. Custom window treatments address aesthetics, privacy and light-control. Too much UV light can damage and fade paint, artwork and upholstery but can be mitigated through the use of correct fabrics and lining. Window treatments not only provide privacy and light control, but also integrate with the rest of the design to create a finished look. The treatments should have one consistent style throughout the home. Use fabric and trims inspired from the interior design. The selections can be a catalyst for other components such as pillows and bedding.

holly hunt
Photo courtesy of Holly Hunt

The final touch is to incorporate the homeowner’s personality through use of custom fabrics, area rugs, artwork, and the homeowner’s personal collections. This will finish off the contemporary design and create a warm, and inviting home.

Kathie Chrisicos, principal of Chrisicos Interiors, believes that working with a designer is as practical as it is luxurious. She and her team will help you create a home that reflects your individual tastes and your day-to-day lifestyle. Chrisicos Interiors has created elegant and distinctive interiors in Boston and beyond.

In addition to her design work, Kathie is actively involved with the non-profit Dress for Success.

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