Karen Bradbury: A Well Designed Mudroom can Change your Life

January 5, 2015

How much time have you wasted spent looking for homework, or the teacher’s note about the field trip, or the dreaded, disappearing sneaker? 

Today’s hectic schedules demand organization. A carefully designed mudroom can provide your family with a full range of options while keeping stress levels at bay. When I spoke with Juanita Sicurella-Strassfield, a Stamford, Connecticut-based Interior Designer, she had some good insight into mudroom design “Functionality is key—take into account the number of kids you have and how much room—then design the mudroom within reach of each child. Make it easy for them to sit down or hang up a jacket.” 

A Place to Sit – An open cubby with a wide shelf at the bottom makes it easy for children to sit and put on shoes or get them selves organized. When important items are put at eye level, there will be less chance for them to be overlooked and forgotten”.

Storage with Style– In New England, our snowy winters and spring rains can cause a lot of bedlam, not to mention the mess. Cubbies and drawers for each child can house everything, from mittens and sweaters, to dance wear, musical instruments and sports gear. One of my clients stated, “Our mudroom keeps everything organized and each of my kids has staked out their own cubby. I am no longer the morning referee!”

closet & storage concepts mudroom

Closet & Storage Concepts

Accessories that Speak to Our World– Clients are asking for docking stations, making mudrooms a designated place for electronic devices. What a convenient place to put your phone, get it charged and ready for use.

mudroom docking station

Closet & Storage Concepts

Don’t Forget Rover– Homeowners with pets are utilizing the mudroom as a place for dog or cat food, toys, and leashes. Pets are part of the family too. It makes sense to keep the crate and grooming needs in this room. Clean-up is easy thanks to newer, easy-care finishes.

pet washing station

Home Channel TV

closet & Storage Solutions mudroom

Closet & Storage Concepts

Doing Double Duty – A mudroom can also do double as a laundry room. Dirty uniforms from Saturday’s game come off at the door and “slide home” right into the washer. No tracking dirt and grass into the house!

style at home mudroom

Style at Home

Desk Area– Yearning for a place to keep the mountains of paperwork that trail into the house? Problem solved.

mudroom mustard see interiors

Mustard Seed Interiors

You, too, can bring peace to your morning and evening rituals with a custom mudroom. You will be amazed and delighted how your life will change. Most of my client’s consider their new mudrooms their favorite room in the house.

Karen Bradbury, along with her husband Jon, own Closet & Storage Concepts in Norwalk, Connecticut. They would love to help you organize your mudroom—and every other room in your house.

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