Julieann Covino: The Nature of Grasscloth

February 22, 2011

To say I was over the moon excited when New England Home asked me to guest post on their new blog would be an understatement! When a new issue arrives in my mailbox I pore over every gorgeous image, selecting my favorites to use on my own blog, CreateGirl, and as inspiration rooms for my Jace Interiors clients.

Grasscloth is seeing a BIG resurgence in the past year and I for one could not be happier! I love the natural cozy feeling it brings to a room. The way its texture can hide a multitude of wall imperfections is a designer’s dream, especially with those old horse-hair walls we find in New England! Companies like Phillip Jeffries (available at Webster & Co.) offer an enormous array of colorways and patterns that can work with many room styles. In a time when everyone is trying to be more “green,†the makeup of bamboo, hemp, dried grass or jute is an instant solution for the eco-friendly consumer. Don’t fret when you see small knots and color variations in the wallpaper–these imperfections are what makes it so perfect!! Isn’t it a relief to know one thing in life doesn’t need to be so smooth and flawless? Even if it’s just the wallpaper you choose!

Here’s an example of Phillip Jeffries Seagrass Grasscloth in Coopermine:

Photo courtesy of phillipjeffries.com

Grasscloth can add a serene feeling to a bedroom! I love this buttery version.

Photo courtesy of coastalliving.com

Don’t be afraid to use a bold color– it can add a bit of drama to even a kid’s room.

Photo courtesy of Laura Stern via FlickrRiver

The room below is three different colored grasscloths mixed to make an interesting wall. Just be sure to pick colors from the same collection; the textures should match, otherwise you will get a wall that looks much too uneven.

Photo courtesy of hirshfields.wordpress.com

A more modern way to use grasscloth is to choose one with a pattern and a vibrant color!

Would you use grasscloth in your house?

–Julieann Covino
Julieann Covino is the founder of Jace Interiors, a leading design group who will work with you to make the home of your dreams a reality. Incorporating new and emerging styles or keeping a more traditional approach, they will help create a brand new room or design with your current pieces. Julieann can also be found on twitter, Facebook and daily on her blog, CreateGirl.

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