John Lyle: Man Caves and Sleep Studio at Holiday House NYC

December 4, 2013

The Holiday House Designer Showhouse was founded six years ago by Iris Dankner to raise breast cancer awareness in and throughout the design industry. Iris is a sixteen-year breast cancer survivor, and she has made it her mission to raise funds for breast cancer research and women who need help fighting this disease.

I have had the honor of participating with the great Interior Designers of Holiday House Design Show for four years now. I am always delighted to see my furniture and accessories placed in their beautiful rooms. Since its inception, Holiday House has featured the Who’s Who of today’s top Interior Designers, showcasing fabulous rooms themed to various holidays.

The Academy Mansion on the Upper East Side of NYC, and Holiday House’s home. Photo by John Lyle

Year after year, Holiday House NYC continues to be a smashing success. All 28 designers and participants are quite fabulous, but nothing screams “glamour” like Ally Coulter’s and Campion Platt’s rooms. Ally’s NFL-inspired Super Bowl ultimate man-cave and Campion’s blissful “Suite Dreams” room are desirable beyond belief. When you combine the two, they’re the perfect wish to build an American Dream on. Therefore, I’d like bring to light a couple key characteristics of the two themed rooms.

Campion’s “Suite Dreams” master bedroom in collaboration with SLEEP STUDIO for sixth annual Holiday House NYC

Starting out, Campion’s room soothes. His design is the home away from home during one of the most rambunctious times of the year. It definitely centers one’s emotions when approaching the room.

Out of curiosity, I asked Campion, “What’s the favorite thing about your room?”

Campion responds, “Everyone who comes in starts to relax, slow down, and wants to stay……design experienced is most successful when it creates a mood and changes one perception in that moment.” True story. It was so stylish and comfortable, I couldn’t leave!

The ultimate man-cave: Ally Coulter’s NFL-Inspired Room

Moving on to the top floor of Holiday House, I immediately had to ask Ally Coulter, “What is your favorite thing about YOUR room?” With the utmost charm, she said, “my room taps into the thrill of victory. All of life’s victories. It is an environment to affirm strength and positive thinking. Here you can believe in yourself and keep moving through your life’s journey.”  “Never, ever give up,” she added.

Luxuriously masculine fabric from Christopher Hyland, barstools from John Lyle Design

Lined with NFL and Super Bowl memorabilia (and a few pieces from the John Lyle Design), colorful, inventive, and scientific creations popped up here, there, and everywhere. I was astonished. Ally definitely proved her worth as THE Belle of the Opening Night Gala.

With the lovely Ms. Coulter in her NFL room; Ally looking gorgeous at the Opening Night Gala, November 20, 2013


Two thumbs up to my two hottest picks at Holiday House NYC 2013. It is well-deserved!

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