James Huniford’s New Book, At Home

November 3, 2020

One of the opening quotes in celebrated designer James Huniford’s new book, At Home, is a great reminder of how the best interior design comes to fruition.

“I believe clients are drawn to my creative process, not a formula,” Huniford says. “I listen to them and create a home that corresponds to how they live. It’s not about leaving my mark; it’s about figuring out what needs to be done, taking chances, and creating something unique for them.”

Throughout the book, homes from Connecticut to California, Martha’s Vineyard to Nashville, reflect that ethos. Not only do they embody a sense of place, but also the sensibilities of those who inhabit the spaces. That’s not to say that Huniford hasn’t left his stylish imprint. Great art, beautifully proportioned furnishings, and one-of-a-kind pieces are a constant thread throughout his projects, whether it’s a rustic New England farmhouse or a grand New York City apartment. The maker’s hand is evident in many objects he selects—even a humble side table can emanate sculptural appeal. With an innate sense of scale and proportion, perhaps Huniford’s greatest gift is marrying pieces from wildly disparate eras—and doing so with aplomb. The end results are timeless, unpretentious rooms that defy easy categorization—yet comfort reigns supreme. It’s that sort of original thinking that will have you feeling “at home” within this 232-page book, as well. 

James Huniford: At Home (Monacelli Press), $50.  

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