Holiday Shopping: Beeline for Online

December 10, 2015

Text by Cheryl Katz

Cheryl Katz Shares Some Great Ideas for Holiday Shopping

A certain sense of euphoria sets in during those first post Thanksgiving holiday shopping days. Stores are stocked in anticipation of the onslaught and holiday music sounds magical. There’s a nip in the air and a spring to our step.

Until… time gets short and checkout lines get long.

That’s when it’s time to make a beeline for online.

Here are some favorites:


Civil War Style Wool Blanket, $165.00

Holiday Gifts Wool Blanket Kaufmann Mercantile

German Kerosene Lamps, $39.00 each

Holiday Gifts Kaufman Mercantile Kerosene Lamp

Swedish Cast iron Pepper Mill, $119.00

Holiday Gifts Cast Iron Pepper Mill


Constellation Globe, $34.00

Holiday Gifts Constellation Globe

Belgian Dart Set, $122.00

Holiday Gifts Belgian Dart Set


Solid Brass Ice Cream Scoop, $70.00

Holiday Gifts Brass Ice Cream Scoop

Porcelain Coupes, $80.00 for a set of 2

Holiday Gifts Coupes

Coast Coasters, $32.00

Holiday Gifts Coast Coasters


Mozartkugel Music Box, from $110.00

Holiday Gifts Mozartkugal Music Box

Azmaya Cheese Knife, $110.00

Holiday Gifts Azmaya Cheese Knife

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