Handcrafted Vases for Valentine’s Day and Beyond

February 9, 2016

Text by Karin Lidbeck Brent

While styling flowers is a passion of mine, what really makes it fun, is the package they are delivered in. When I was at the market last weekend I saw glorious miniature roses and promptly placed them in my cart. With Valentine’s Day in mind, I decided I had to create something special, for someone special!

This pint size vase is easy to make using playing cards—perfect for the special queen or king of hearts in your life. To make this card vase you can go to my personal blog for detailed instructions.


Photograph by Karin Lidbeck Brent

Designing vases has been something of a theme in my life, and many of my ideas reflect the things I love to collect. As collector of old books creating this vase was a perfect way for me to use books in a new way, rather than displaying them on bookshelves.


Photograph by Joe Keller

What better partner with flowers than a vessel made from natural elements? A walk on the beach always feels like a treasure hunt and my pockets are always full of finds,  You can only put so many shells in bowls, so here I have made them into something far more useful.


Photo by Karin Lidbeck Brent

Directions for making this vase can be found in the latest issue of Country Gardens Magazine


Photograph by Jim Westphalen

Using what is local and foraged is part of the fun, so while spring asparagus is popping up at the supermarket, you can put this container on your list of things to make. This is a lovely container to host whatever will be growing in your yard, found along the roadside. All you have to do is arrange asparagus around a can and hold in place with a rubber band. A cheery ribbon can be used to cover the rubber band.

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