Haddad Hakansson: Creative Kitchen Storage Solutions

September 2, 2014

Even as kitchen designs get sleeker and appliances more integrated, we all seem to be accumulating more “stuff”to put in them.

Figuring out where to put that stuff can be a constant challenge. But a thoughtful kitchen designer can help by proposing inventive, stylish ways to solve your storage problems.

Take a look at some of these solutions for common hard-to-stash items.

The organized pet: Pet owners often struggle with where to store food and accessories. A good approach when remodeling is to consider both your current and future pet needs, and plan accordingly.

Some want a dedicated drawer for food, toys and medicines. Some dream about a built-in dog crate under the stairs.

For those who dread tripping over bowls, consider a built-in water and food dish set. Note that the bowls are set into a small slab of countertop material to prevent damage to the cabinet. Tilt-out storage above holds medicine and treats.

kitchen built in dog bowl storage

Kitchen design by Haddad Hakansson. Photo by Joseph St. Pierre.

Swept away: The old “broom closet”seems like a waste of space – who needs so much precious real estate dedicated to a broom, a mop and a dustpan? But building a tall, narrow kitchen cabinet just for these items is neither the most budget-friendly nor the most aesthetically pleasing solution.

It’s worth taking the time to puzzle out the perfect spot. In this kitchen remodel, the broom and dustpan are tucked into their own compartment in the side of a wider cabinet, with bonus space for leashes and extra canned goods.

kitchen broom storage

Kitchen design by Haddad Hakansson

Decluttering the countertops: Most everyone wants a microwave and a coffeemaker, but both can disrupt the sleek lines of a new space. How about hiding them behind closed doors?  One solution is tucking both into a tall cabinet, with a coffee center located on a counter-height pullout shelf and a microwave on a shelf above.

coffee station

Design by Wendy Johnson of Designs for Living

Hiding the silver: “Good silver” is often stored out of the kitchen and rarely used. A two-tier cutlery drawer, with lined silver storage below, keeps valuables hidden yet makes them accessible for special occasions.

kitchen cutlery drawer

Kitchen design by Karen Swanson of New England Design Works. Photo by Eric White.

Low on juice?: Be sure to designate a hidden spot to recharge phones, laptops, tablets and more. Whether it’s a drawer or cabinet, be generous with the number of outlets and the space provided.

kitchen electronics charging station

Design by Divine Kitchens

Don’t forget the mudroom: If your kitchen includes a side entrance, it’s worth the effort to include a mudroom area – even a tiny one. What busy family doesn’t want a spot to store shoes, corral the mail and keep the coats off the floor?

This mudroom cubby tucked next to a kitchen not only works visually with the new space, it provides plenty of storage for each family member.

kitchen mudroom

Mudroom and kitchen design by Haddad Hakansson. Photo by Joseph St. Pierre.

Belmont, Massachusetts based Haddad Hakansson is an award-winning full-service interior design firm specializing in kitchens, baths, and whole house remodels. Principals Mark Haddad and Kurt Hakansson design with a client’s own aesthetic in mind, whether it be classic or modern or something in between.

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