Give the Gift of Good Design

December 18, 2014

By Lynda Simonton

My sister and I have stumbled on a holiday tradition where we both gift each other a design book for Christmas. At first it was serendipity that we both gave each other a book, but we so enjoyed curling up Christmas Day in front of the fire with our reads, that we have continued to give each other design books year after year. While this tradition has been going for about ten years now, we have yet to give each other the same book! This actually doubles the dose of inspiration since we exchange books after we’ve read them.

Here are the 2014 books that I am trying to decide between for this year’s gift:

Elements Of Style: Designing a Home & a Life

I am a long-time reader of Erin Gate’s blog Element of Style, so I was anxious to read her book that was launched this fall. This local designer did not disappoint me! The book is a wonderful go-to decorating resource that can be turned to time and again. The book is a delightfully read and a fabulous gift for someone ready to launch a home renovation or dreaming of some redecorating.

Elements of Style

Comfort Zone

I had the pleasure of hearing Trudy Dujardin speak at the Boston Design Center’s Design Week. I found her passion for creating a safe, sustainable, and beautiful home infectious. This book proves that creating stylish and healthy home are not mutually exclusive.

Comfort Zone

Tiny House Living

The tiny house movement continues to fascinate me. While small space living is not for everyone—the concept of pairing down, living with less, and designing a home with minimal waste—is fascinating to read about.

Tiny House Living

Barry Dixon Inspirations

Barry Dixon’s latest tome showcases eight homes that reflect this A-list designer’s impeccable attention to detail and style-mixing wizardry.

Barry Dixon Inspirations

Camille Styles Entertaining

My Sister is an inveterate hostess, so this lively and approachable book on entertaining would be put to good use!

Camille Styles Entertaining

Robert Couturier: Designing Paradises

The title of this book gives you an idea that this is not a book about decorating for the masses! If you like to see how the 1% lives—the book is perfect for armchair voyeurism.

Robert Courtier Designing Paradises

What books have been your favorites this year? Please share!


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