Geometric Design

October 15, 2013

Text by Edited by Paula M. Bodah

Connecticut designers share their favorite resources with bold patterns.


Connie Cooper’s background in textiledesign and a seven-year stint living in Asia have helped to nurture her eclectic approach to design and her ability to create unique spaces that are fresh and interesting but will stand the test of time. Connie Cooper Designs, Westport, (203) 256-9183,


Christina Sullivan Roughan believes that interiors are meant to be lived in, and reflect the people who live in them. “Each client has different needs, desires, and budgets,” she says. “It’s my job to extract that information and create a beautiful interior tailored to each client.” Roughan Interior Design, Weston, (203) 769-1150,


Having worked in London as well as in New York and Connecticut, Havilande Whitcomb brings an international sophistication appropriate to the setting and unique to the people living in it. She also designs both interiors and exteriors of private jets, and her firm, Aviation Aesthetics, has an international following. Havilande Whitcomb Design, Westport, (203) 227-7902,

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