Friday Favorites 7/13/2012

July 13, 2012

Kaitlin Madden, Managing and Online Editor
Sometimes, I walk by a store and experience love at first sight. Something about the window display or storefront just speaks to me from the street and I feel compelled to go in. But then there are times when I stumble upon a store so gorgeous I not only want to go in, I want to move in–or at least transpose the entirety of the shop’s contents into my own apartment. Hudson is one of those stores. The loft full of bright, graphic textiles, the irreverently arranged bookshelves in the back, the pretty tablescapes…everything is just right.

Photo courtesy of Hudson 

Chevron placemat by Pehr. Photo by Kaitlin Madden

Photo courtesy of Hudson 

Stacy Kunstel, Homes Editor
Lounge-worthy is one of my prerequisites when booking a hotel. I certainly wasn’t disappointed when I checked into Newport’s new Attwater hotel. Ikat drapes, bold colors and residential furnishings decorate the first floor lobby and upstairs common areas. I have to say I wasn’t surprised at how much I loved the look, though, as Boston’s Rachel Reider Interiors completed the work. I’ll definitely go back for the comforts and the homemade cookies.

A guest room in the Attwater. Photos courtesy of Rachel Reider

The hotel’s cheerful lobby

Jared Ainscough, Assistant Art Director
I think that nine out of ten objects in my house could be classified as “catch-alls†(whether they were meant for that purpose or not). This piece from Patch NYC was in fact designed that way–but smarter. With a turned wooden base, it feels more like a vase or sculpture than a container. It’s also a great compliment to the candles I blogged about back in May. Last but not least, its lid keeps all the mess and clutter out of sight. A creative and beautiful solution.

Photo courtesy of Patch NYC

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