Friday Favorites 6/7/2013

June 7, 2013

Cheryl Katz, Contributing Editor
When asked what I look for in a piece of furniture I am quick to reply, “integrity of material, careful construction, thoughtful style.” Yet that response suggests a certain restraint—a quality not always compatible with my design sensibility.

And so, the next time I am asked, I will add, “as long as it’s pink.”

Because it’s the little surprises—an unexpected palette, an intricate pattern, an unusual scale—that make a good piece great.

Which is exactly what Iacoli & McAllister’s Wire Table is.

Paula M. Bodah, Senior Editor
This is the year I’m finally going to ditch the big-box-store furniture on my deck and replace it with something really stylish and supremely comfortable. A good candidate: the Boomerang Collection, a handsome lineup of teak outdoor furniture from Summit Furniture.

The classic shape of the boomerang inspired Los Angeles designer Alwy Visschedyk as he conceived the new collection, and I love the interesting modern yet retro look he came up with for these tables, chaises, and chairs. I guess the best design ideas always come back around—not unlike a boomerang, now that I think about it.

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