Friday Favorites 5/25/2012

May 25, 2012

Paula M. Bodah, Senior Editor
The next time I redo my bathroom I’m going to design the whole room around one of Suzanne Guttman‘s sinks. The Seattle, Washington–based glass artist’s vases, bowls and other art pieces can be found in a number of New England galleries, but her functional pieces, like the sinks below, are works of art themselves.

Photos courtesy of Suzanne Guttman Glass

Karin Lidbeck Brent, Contributing Editor
If you’re the kind of person–as I am–who loves flea markets, recycling centers and secondhand shops for do-it-yourself repurposing and decorating, I can lead you to an amazing source of inspiration. My dear friend Joanne Palmisano, author of the Salvage Secrets blog, is an incredible well of energy and ideas. She just keeps churning out fun and creative DIY projects that will make you look at old stuff in a totally new way.

How many of these old soda crates have you passed at a flea market?

Photo by Susan Teare

Repainting an old dresser may not be a new idea, but it becomes much more fun and artful when you use flowers from wrapping paper as decoupage.

Photo by Susan Teare

You can find lots more creative ideas on Joanne’s website and blog.

Kyle Hoepner, Editor-in-Chief
Tonight is the grand opening of Art Market Provincetown‘s 2012 season, which begins with installations by sculptor Richard Dorff (Translucencies) and video artist Suara Welitoff (Things like time) that will be on view through July 1.

I’ve long been a fan of Welitoff’s hypnotic creations, which frequently draw on stock footage that is then looped and distilled into an arrestingly universal vision–feeling somehow distanced and intimate at the same time.

Suara Welitoff: Kiss (2010). Click to see a clip from the video.

Suara Welitoff: Ned talking (2002). Click to see a clip from the video.

Suara Welitoff: here comes the Sun (2010). Click to see a clip from the video.

By the way, on June 15 Welitoff will be giving a talk about her work in conjunction with the Provincetown International Film Festival‘s Gallery Crawl. More information is on their site. You can also find out more about Welitoff and her work in this story from our November/December 2011 issue.


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