Friday Favorites 1/25/2013

January 25, 2013

Kaitlin Madden, Managing and Online Editor
Earlier this week, I talked about how I find design inspiration for my own home in the expertly merchandised stores around Boston. But, besides ideas for perfectly juxtaposed furniture or cleverly arranged art, I also (not so shockingly) find individual items I just drool over. This week, the piece that stuck out in my mind was the Mangas Puf by GAN Rugs, which I spotted at Addo Novo. The appeal of this pouf might have something to do with the fact that it’s five degrees outside and this looks like a large mitten, but regardless, I’m into it.

Addo Novo pouf New England Home blog Photo courtesy of Addo Novo

Stacy Kunstel, Homes Editor
This severely cold weather has me pining for spring and all its glorious pastel colors. Think Easter-egg pink and bright yellow tulips, purple hyacinth and the blush of dogwood. Those optimistic colors can be found underfoot in this new Rhapsody Wool Woven rug by Massachusetts-based Dash and Albert. It’s sure to put a spring in your step!

Dash and Albert - New England Home Blog Photo courtesy of Dash and Albert

Maria LaPiana, Contributing Writer
A short while ago I was researching bath sinks (lavatories, to folks in the trade) for a story, and I happened on a rather nasty discussion thread decrying the vessel sink as a cultish caprice that serves no practical purpose and deserves to be banished to the ninth circle of design hell. Thankfully, I closed that window quickly. To be honest, I remember hearing talk of the trendiness of vessel sinks some years back, but I haven’t heard it lately. To a person, the designers I interviewed told me they were here to stay. And in case I still needed to be sold on the virtues, beauty and utility of vessel sinks, I found it at I’m now convinced that the vessel sink is the most artful choice you can make for your bath—no matter your budget or design style. Where else can you get so many beautiful materials forged into so many shapely bowls, in so many styles—from organic and rustic to gleaming and ultra-modern? Gorgeous vessels of every ilk are everywhere, offered at a wide range of price points, but I’m especially taken with this selection from Lenova:

Lenova sink - New England Home blog Clear, patterned round vessel in tempered glass.

Lenova sink - New England Home blog Light reflecting colored glass with scalloped edge. Photos courtesy of Lenova

Lenova sink - New England Home blog “Oyster†design, made with 21 layers of bronze.

Lenova sink - New England Home blog Simple round vessel made of bamboo.

Blue White Lenova sink - New England Home blog Delft-style porcelain bowl in blue and white.

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