Friday Favorites 1/18/2013

January 18, 2013

Cheryl Katz, Contributing Editor
Last August I wrote in a Notes From The Field blog post for this site that I liked it when things didn’t match.

“A certain amount of randomness helps to get things right,†I opined.

My wise-cracking brother in law David–who I adore for keeping me real–said when I sent him the link, “What the hell does that mean?â€

At the time, I wasn’t as articulate as I would have liked. But recently, after a few days at the Standard Hotel in Miami where I started each morning with a Caffe Americano at their newly opened coffee shop, I’m ready to show him exactly what I meant.

Photos by Jeffrey Katz

Cafecito Neptuno, new to The Standard Hotel in Miami.

Paula M. Bodah, Senior Editor
For a fabric-aholic–and I know there are lots of you out there–Artéé Fabrics is as thrilling as a penny candy store is to a six-year-old. Oh, the ideas that flow when a lover of textiles comes across racks and racks of high-end, luxurious fabric in textures from silky to shiny to nubby to plush, and in every color imaginable.

Artéé has three New England locations, in Pawtucket, Rhode Island; Westport, Connecticut; and Hudson, Massachusetts (as well as seven others along the eastern seaboard), so no matter where you live you’re in luck. Here’s a sampling of their fabrics:

The emphasis is on fabrics for the home, as you can see by the wide bolts. Photos courtesy of Artéé Fabrics

You can find plenty of textures, like this crewel fabric.

Artéé also fabricates sumptuous custom bedding…

…window treatments…

..and furniture.

Nice that Artéé will make gorgeous things for your home, but you’ll still have the toughest part of the job: making a decision when you’re faced with all those beautiful choices.

Kyle Hoepner, Editor-in-Chief
They’re nowhere near New England, and yet so many of their offerings feel so right, especially for inhabitants of our cities’ trendier, ever-more-style-conscious neighborhoods. And the look would be equally apposite in a Vermont converted barn or New Hampshire Shaker cabin. Denmark’s house doctor puts out hundreds of quietly cool products, showcased in gorgeously produced online catalogs. Why aren’t they carried in any U.S. locations–particularly in Boston, or Providence, or Portland, or New Canaan, or…?

AD0220 rug; all photos from

BU0110 piggy bank

AF0422 tea towel

CB0623 wall lamp

CC0520 placemat

EK0402 pendant lamp

IT0110 storage basket

Spread from the Everyday 2013 catalog

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