Friday Favorites 11/4/2011

November 4, 2011

Erin Marvin, Managing Editor
I love the modern femininity of this Calliopsis shade from Anthropologie. White felted flowers wrap around a crisp cotton shade, giving the simple form unexpected depth and texture. When the lightbulb inside is switched on, shadows from the felted flowers enhance its 3D effect.

Photos courtesy of

Stacy Kunstel, Homes Editor
Amber has arrested me. Seriously, the birch beer hue of this chair has had my mouth watering since the moment I saw it in the window at Kartell. So what if it’s polycarbonate? Color this beautiful should be edible.

Kartell Papyrus chair, by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec; photo courtesy of

Jared Ainscough, Assistant Art Director
Being without heat for the past week has got me thinking of buying a wood stove. My wife scoffs at the idea–partially because of the clunky, antique look that most wood stoves have and partially because she’s afraid I will burn the house down. Both points are perfectly valid. I think, though, that if I showed her this beautifully simple stove from RAIS (available through Brassworks in Providence), I might be able convince her otherwise. It’s sleek and stylish while being functional and practical. It is also operates with the flip of a switch, which will comfort my wife.

RAIS Gabo wood stove; photo courtesy of

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