Friday Favorites 10/14/2011

October 14, 2011

Paula M. Bodah, Senior Editor
We New Englanders, being of hardy stock, take pride this time of year in seeing how shivery and blue we can get before we’ll give in and turn on the heat. I plan to get a leg up on the competition by outfitting my bed in the cozy new 100-percent organic offerings from Coyuchi‘s new line of sheets, blankets and pillows in cotton, linen and wool.

A couple of my favorites:

The Stone Hearth Collection starts with smooth but weighty cotton-linen sheets. A densely woven wool blanket gets layered between the sheets and a thick, flannel-backed coverlet. The finishing touch: linen pillows covered in wool felt. The color alone is enough to warm me up.

Photos courtesy of Coyuchi

The High Noon Collection has T-shirt-soft sheets of cotton jersey–casual but luxuriously comfy. Top them with richly textured cotton-wool blankets and pillow covers. I like the combination of gray and tangerine–soothing and invigorating all at once. Sleep tight!

Kyle Hoepner, Editor-in-Chief
Believe it or not, I get paid to spend part of my time poking around the Web looking for beautiful stuff. So I’m grateful that there’s always so much more to find. This week I happened to notice a section of Maine architect Sam Van Dam‘s site that I’d never paid attention to before. A timid, unassuming little link says “Notebook.†I urge you to click on it. Inside you’ll find an online inspiration board full of evocative photos that have somehow touched members of Van Dam’s firm, interspersed with lovely drawings and watercolors done by Van Dam himself. Take a brief armchair vacation with sights such as these:

Painswick, England. All images courtesy of Van Dam Architecture and Design

Sam Van Dam: Bologna, The Red

Spirit House, Mondulkiri Province, Cambodia

Sam Van Dam: Nantucket


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