Focusing on Photographer Phil Nelson

December 22, 2014

Phil Nelson

All images courtesy of Phil Nelson

By Maria LaPiana

When Phil Nelson is criticized for compromising “pure” images in his work, the photographer has a ready response: Ansel Adams did it decades ago, and if he were alive today, “he’d be all over Photoshop.” There’s no question that Nelson has a practiced eye that allows him to see a deeper, hidden beauty beyond the already beautiful landscapes he photographs. But he’s a technician, too, having honed his skills at Apple and Adobe systems, where he learned how to use computers to enhance his work. Today, he makes noteworthy photographs that, as a result of digital manipulation, manage to look more painterly. Nelson is a software guru, a color maven, and a geek. But always, an artist. See more of his work in the Winter issue of New England Home Connecticut, on sale January, 20, 2015.

phil nelson barn

phil nelson boat

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