Thanksgiving Floral Arrangements

November 17, 2016

Text by Karin Lidbeck Brent

In my house, the Thanksgiving floral arrangements are almost as important as the food! As autumn days come to a close, grab what’s left of this bountiful season and make something beautiful for your home. These floral arrangements work well for Thanksgiving, and are easy to create without too much fuss.

Take out the silver—tarnished or shimmery—and dress a festive table. A rough linen table-runner in a neutral color grounds this arrangement of small cabbages, miniature pumpkins, and assorted gourds.

Thanksgiving Floral Arrangements and Table Setting

Photography by Michael Partenio

If you look carefully you may find some hearty flowers and leaves lingering in your garden. Style these happy stragglers around a white pumpkin for a charming arrangement.

Thanksgiving Floral Arrangements Pumpkin in Silver Bowl

Celebrate nature’s abundance and and give it a place of prominence. Here I used a squash cut in half as the pedestal for a silver tray laden with fall blooms and berries.

Thanksgiving Floral Arrangement in Antique Silver Containers

Bundle Indian corn around a container and you have an interesting Thanksgiving arrangement.

Thanksgiving Floral Arrangement with Indian Corn

Get the mantle ready for the holiday by layering with colorful fabric, pumpkins, and gourds. Tall glass vases filled with branches clipped from the yard, or purchased at the florist, will add some height to the arrangement.

Fall Mantle with Pumpkins and Gourds

Give the soup ladles another reason for being! Pull those silver ladles out of the drawer, hang with twine,and arrange a sweet little bunch of flowers. Here I stuck a small piece of floral foam in the spoon and secured the flowers.

Floral Arrangements in Soup Ladles

I’ll never tire of autumn, with its rich abundance from nature. In these days before the turkey leaves the table, and the Christmas season rushes in, I’ll have some fun displaying the bounty of my fall foraging.

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