F. H. Perry Builder is Welcomed into the New England Design Hall of Fame

October 28, 2021

Allison Iantosca didn’t set out to own a construction firm. Her dad, Finley Perry, started the Hopkinton, Massachusetts, company back in 1977, but his daughter grew up with dreams of the stage. She did, in fact, find some success in show business, landing theater roles on both coasts and working in administration for a regional touring company. But
it was a tough way to make a living, and she began to search for other avenues to live out what she loved about theater: the discipline and rigor, the creativity, and the teamwork.

She and her dad decided to give working together a try, and in 2000 they embarked on a six-month trial period. It soon became clear that Iantosca had found her true calling. She started out helping clients choose kitchen and bath fixtures and finishes and worked her way through sales, marketing, and brand development, and finally to a leadership position. In 2016, Perry retired and sold the family business to his daughter. Running a construction company isn’t all that different from theater work, Iantosca discovered, especially when it comes to collaboration. “My dad always said it’s about leveraging talent, so you do what you’re good at and surround yourself with people who are good at other things,” she says.

Her leadership style emphasizes letting other people’s talents shine. “It’s much more fun to work with smart people who can bring so much,” she says. Iantosca would love to see more women in the field at every level, from carpentry to management. “I don’t stand on a bandwagon, but the industry is booming, and we have a labor shortage,” she says. “Why aren’t we taking advantage of half the population?” As the firm approaches forty-five years in business, Iantosca takes well-deserved pride in being able to continue her father’s legacy.

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