Elizabeth Hourihan: A Poolside Retreat

April 16, 2015

Elizabeth Brosnan Hourihan selects pieces to create a chic patio or poolside retreat, just in time for the warm weather ahead.

Large French Aviary

“This tall aviary was designed more than 130 years ago as both a great decorative piece and a functional birdcage. At more than seven feet tall, it makes a lovely statement piece on a patio or poolside because of its green color, hexagonal shape, and whimsical scroll decorations.” George Subkoff Antiques, Westport, (203) 227-3515, subkoffantiques.com

Antique Aviary

Janus et Cie Exterior Pillows

“Pillows are a must for adding a sense of comfort and relaxation to outdoor spaces. These acrylic pillows are highly durable, with colors that stay vibrant with sun exposure.” JANUS et Cie, Boston Design Center, (617) 737-5001, janusetcie.com

Janus et Cie Outdoor Pillows

Dolce Vita Wave Chaise Lounge

“The natural curved shape of the Dolce Vita Wave Chaise Lounge designed by Paola Navone is, first and foremost, comfortable. The wave shape complements the nature that surrounds it.” JANUS et Cie

Dolce Vita Wave Chaise Lounge

Iron Jardinière

“The low profile, oval shape, and high-level ironwork combine to create a refined planter. Just imagine this jardinière filled with yellow pansies—wow!” United House Wrecking, Stamford, (203) 348-5371, unitedhousewrecking.com


Iron Jardiniere

EBH Interiors, Weston, (203) 349-5117, ebhinteriors.com

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