Candy Land

March 19, 2018

Text by Karin Lidbeck Brent

Simple springtime decorations created by craft-guru and stylist Karin Lidbeck Brent will satisfy your eye for style and your sweet tooth.

Bunny Time
Both children and adults will enjoy a table set with eye-catching Easter treats down the holiday table creating a playful gathering.
Assorted Chocolate Bunnies, small dishes of sweet treats and small bouquets of spring flowers is not just a pretty way to dress my table; it’s a game too. Each bunny has a numbered tag. Guests draw a number to find out which bunny—big or small—is their take- away prize. Clearing the table will be easy with small Easter baskets on hand for everyone to load up with the candy treats.

Photograph By Karin Lidbeck Brent

An Edible Garden
The kid’s table needs its own unique candy artistry. This daisy eggs that blooms in a pot of jellybeans and its fun to make. I like to set up a craft table for little ones so they can be busy when the guests enjoy some quiet time. These are made by cutting longs strips of daisy petals from a roll of white crepe paper and taping to a dyed egg. Drop into a pot filled with jelly beans and you’re done!

Photograph By Michael Partenio

Candy Land
Making pretty displays of Easter candy is always is part of my holiday décor. Glass dishes of candies transform plain candy into eye candy that will satisfy your guest’s sweet tooth.

Photograph by Michael Partenio

Tulip and Treats
Use colorful jellybeans to create this festive holiday display of spring tulips. A small vessel sits inside a larger glass vessel that is then filled with rows of colorful jellybeans. Just add water to the inner vessel and arrange the tulips.

Photo by Michael Partenio

All candy from the Chatham Candy Manor in Chatham, Massachusetts, Chatham’s renowned old school chocolatier. You can visit their website to order for the holiday.

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