Don’t Judge a Wearer by their Watch

May 7, 2015

By Cheryl Katz

There was a moment when, if you asked someone the time and they replied, “It’s one fifty two, no wait… it’s actually one fifty three” you would know that they were wearing a digital watch, probably one with a lighted display screen and a beeper.

You might also make a few assumptions: that they were runners or techies or probably not interested in design. (Okay I have a bias for radial watches.)

You might even extrapolate further and presume an obsession with minutiae or distaste for abstraction.

G Shock Watch

G Shock Watch 

If on the other hand, if you asked the same question to a matte- metal- with- very- few- markings – watch- wearer, their reply to the query would be,

“It’s going on two… I think.”

These tellers of time might be categorized as artsy, right brain types who love fashion and who were so busy, they couldn’t waste time thinking about it.

analog watch

M & Co watch from the MOMA Store 

But with the introduction of the Apple Watch those scenarios have been rendered moot.

apple watch

Apple Watch 

Beside what Apple calls “customization” – the Apple watch can forecast the weather, notify you when an e mail arrives, send your heart rate to your sweetie – there are ten different watch faces available, making a rush to judgment difficult. Maybe that’s the biggest- and best –news of all.

apple watch

Apple Watch

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