Designer Snapshot: Color Me Daring

June 6, 2012

By Paula M. Bodah

“The exuberant home,†reads the tagline on the home page for Cynthia Mason Interiors. When you browse through the portfolio of rooms designed by Cynthia Mason Hernandez you know just what that means. Cynthia likes to cast off from her solid basis in color theory and design, loosing herself from the rules to create bold interiors that use color fearlessly and always include the unexpected. Here, she shows a few examples of her self-assured style. Cynthia was also featured in our May/June 2012 issue, showing off a few of her favorite light fixtures in our Perspectives pages.

“A collection of different graphic elements–the wall stencil, the rug, the sideboard and the pillow–mixed with vibrant color bring vintage ’60s furniture relevance in a contemporary space. I added the more traditional Dunes and Duchess candelabra in luscious orange lacquer as a fun counterpoint.â€

Photo by Michael Partenio

Cynthia designed this dining room for West Hartford’s 2011 Designer Spaces and Market Places. “In my ‘Wall Posts’ dining room, visitors were asked to write on the walls! Surrounded by fleeting bits of information on all sides, the commitment required to dine together is emphasized by the Panton chairs’ pop of color amidst a field of black and white.â€

Photo by Michael Partenio

“Texture is the key to success in this powder room. The teal lacquer chest against the rough stone sink, the lustrous silk window treatments, the contemporary lights reminiscent of a waterfall–all against a backdrop of chinoiserie wallpaper–contribute to an unexpected feeling of lushness.â€

Photo courtesy of Cynthia Mason Interiors

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