Designer Snapshot: Art and Soul

September 11, 2013

By Paula M. Bodah

Interior designer Pamela Copeman is also a painter and mixed-media artist, so it probably comes as no surprise that helping her clients choose just the right art is an important part of her design projects. “The finishing touch of any of my interior designs is always the artwork,” she says. “Artwork is the perfect way to personalize a space and integrate all of the elements of the design. I don’t consider any of my designs finished until the artwork is selected and hung (at eye level, of course).”

“When selecting artwork, I counsel clients to make their choices personal,” she continues. “Perhaps a painting that is reminiscent of a favorite vacation or an appealing abstract or landscape that transports you. I feel it is important to have an emotional connection with the art in their homes.”

Among her own favorite artists is Connecticut painter Sandy Welch. In fact, she chose a painting of sheep by Sandy as an out-of-the-box way to represent her choice for an accessory inspired by leather, hide or fur for Perspectives in our September-October issue. “Sandy’s work is filled with color, humor and life,” Pamela says. “She has an energy to her paintings that never diminishes. They continue to draw you in day after day, gaze after gaze.”

July Everlasting; Photo courtesy of Sandy Welch

For a seaside home, she helped a client choose this vivid beach painting by Sandy. “The room was primarily monochromatic so as not to distract from the water view. To add some jazz we found the perfect painting, it was incredible from the minute we installed it.”

Photo courtesy of Pamela Copeman

Sandy’s painting Fashionistas brings a sense of stylish whimsy to this setting. “Who can resist faces that are fierce, powerful, and beautifully dressed?” Pamela asks

Photo by Eric Roth

There’s no need to limit yourself to a single piece of art. “This hallway space was vast and needed some interest,” Pamela explains. “A grouping of this type lets the viewer look at the paintings up close and appreciate the brush strokes and color. If you look closely, you may spot some of my own petite interior paintings. I love interiors so much that I even paint them!”

Photo courtesy of Pamela Copeman

Many studios, galleries and art centers hold pre-holiday sales in the fall, Pamela says, offering unique work, often at quite reasonable prices. “What a perfect opportunity to start your own collection,” she says. “You don’t have to be a curator, just see the work with your soul and take the leap!”

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