Designer Snapshot: All Fired Up

January 15, 2014

By Paula M. Bodah

With the holidays over and long weeks of winter still ahead, now is the time to cozy in with a cup of something hot and a blazing fire. Designer Holly Hickey Moore recently moved to Vermont from the warmer climes of the Southwest, so staying warm is something she’s been giving a lot of thought to lately.

Holly, who showed us some of her favorite things with bling for the home in Perspectives in our November-December 2013 issue, notes that the fireplace is often the main focal point in the living room or family room. “Why not accessorize it with the same thought and care as you do with other furnishings in your space?” she asks.

Here the designer shows us favorite fireplace-centric rooms she has designed—one dominated by white, the other by black—and suggests fireplace tools and accents that work with either color.

“For this living room remodel,” Holly explains, “we kept the original integrity and design of this fireplace, but painted everything bright white so you could see through the black firebox into the adjacent room.”

Photo by Casey Dunn

“Brass and white is one of my favorite combinations,” Holly says. “It’s crisp and has a retro vibe. I like to dress bright white, modern, simplistic fireplaces using tools and accessories with a midcentury flair of brass accents and a bit of personality. These 1950s Italian andirons would be great for the interior of a dark firebox. They are artistic and vintage, and the polished brass would sparkle at the flicker of a fire.”

“If you want something more decorative than your standard metal fire curtain, use something like this steel motif screen from Liz O’Brien Home. (It will also hide the piles of ashes from last night’s dinner party!)”

“If you’re in the mood for a bit of whimsy, add this brass windmill fire-tool stand from Steven Sclaroff. It would really pop in front of a white fireplace wall, and make a perfect conversation piece.”

“This client wanted a dual-sided fireplace for their living and dining spaces. The fireplace is at waist level, so it can transfer heat comfortably into the dining space where people are. If your firebox is at a height similar to this, incorporate tall and lean fireplace tools to stay consistent with the height of the firebox.”

Photo by Matt Neimann

“The Aspen Firewood Bucket from Tuell and Reynolds can make your wood pile look neat and tidy. Perch it up on a stool so you don’t have to bend to get the wood.”

“These rolling firewood-storage carts from Yanko Design are functional and look great, so you don’t have to worry about storing your firewood behind closed doors. They also roll out of the way and tuck neatly into a niche or wall space when not in use.”

“Inspired by nature, this aluminum branch fire poker from Harrie Leenders is perfect for rustling up a fire. It’s a beautiful piece for an organic-inspired interior.”

“Dress up your fireplace and cozy in. Spring will be here before you know it!”

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