Design in Depth: Pinspiration

January 9, 2013

By Stacy Kunstel  

What is different about my life this January 2013 compared with January 2012? Have I kept resolutions or made significant changes in my world? In one design-related way I have. A year ago I didn’t have Pinterest.

A screenshot of my Pinterest page. Photo courtesy of Pinterest

I have to admit that I’m a latecomer to the site that allows you to create image-driven idea boards. I signed up when it first came out, but didn’t feel the need to share (nor did I have the time). It wasn’t until Boston-area designer Katie Rosenfeld talked to me about it that I gave it a second look. Katie showed me the beautiful ideas that she had pinned to her various boards (she has boards on dining rooms, bedrooms, baths, holiday themes, color schemes, and hundreds of products destined for client projects).

In fact there are a number of New England notables that I faithfully follow on Pinterest. By saying I follow them, it means I’ve chosen to see what they have pinned and I am able to repin, like or comment on anything they’ve shared with the world. Some people you might want to check out include The Daily Basics, Julianne Covino, Erika Johnson, Shorely Chic, Erin Gates, An Urban Cottage, Mally Skok, Liz Caan, and our own New England Home account, to name just a few.

Katie Rosenfeld’s page, a must visit, in my opinion. Photo courtesy of Pinterest

One of the most interesting things for me is seeing images that I have styled pinned by people I don’t know. Just today I was browsing Pinterest and found that someone in California had pinned this image I had styled for New England Home last year. There was no information with it so I quickly commented that the design was by Mar Silver and the photographer was Bjorn Wallander. On any given day I’ll find a dozen or so images that have graced the pages of New England Home. It’s not just about seeing what other people pin, but about adding your own work or things you like on other web sites to your boards. I pin everything from fashion to recipes to favorite house exteriors and rooms I want to read the New York Times in. You make it whatever you want.

One of my favorite boards, “Rooms that Rock.” Photo courtesy of Pinterest.

Comment below and let us know if you’re on Pinterest and what you think about it. Look for me there under StacyStyle. There are just too many beautiful images not to share!

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