Design in Depth: High Season on Nantucket

September 18, 2013

It’s September, which for the past five or six years has meant one thing—shooting on Nantucket.

As soon as that final ferry after Labor Day leaves with all of summer’s revelers, I move in with my photo crew to document some of the most beautiful houses in New England and the world. It’s sort of nice to look back over the past few years to see just exactly what I’ve styled. Here are some of my favorites.

Many of the older Nantucket homes have names. This is Amanda, whose exterior hasn’t changed much, but whose interior architecture was reworked by Lyman Perry and Matthew Moger to delightful effect.

Photos by Michael Partenio

What do you get when you take a quintessential Nantucket house and add the design talents of Bierly Drake? Better than Nantucket.

I don’t often have a favorite television room, but Chip Webster designed a paneled room in a Nantucket home that still stays with me.

He also designed this seamless master bath in the same home.

Some of the houses have been wild, such as this one by Seldom Scene Interiors and Woodmeister Master Builders.

As well as traditional, such as this one by Trudy Dujardin of Dujardin Design.

The truth of the matter is, it’s hard to find a bad house on this island. I’ll happily return any time! 

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