Design in Depth: Get on the InstaWagon

February 19, 2014

By Stacy Kunstel

Just when I thought I couldn’t adopt a new form of social media (or give up an old one) it happened. Facebook has become a sea of ads I’m not as likely to wade through these days, and Twitter an incessant chant of self-promotion and sales. So now I turn my attention to Instagram, the photo-sharing app that allows you to post pictures of anything you’d like and to follow just about anyone you’d like to—friend or not. I’ve found it to be a really efficient way of keeping up with family, friends, and those whose work I find interesting. In fact, it’s become a new addiction as I look for visual inspiration in the home and fashion world.

I’ve also noticed others making this shift. A recent article on listed not Twitter accounts to connect with people, but their Instagram names. Now when I meet someone I’m more likely to ask them what their Instagram account is rather than who they are on Twitter.

If you’ve already signed on or if you’re just ready to test the waters, here are some of my favorite Instagram accounts I follow and why.

@AshleyHicks1970, the designer and son of David Hicks, always has an amazing room or detail to share.

Oh, to be in the world of @MaryMcDonaldInc. The lively colors, the intricate details. Her images are always delicious.

Yes, I’m heavy on the interior designers, but that is my business, after all. Alessasandra Branca at @ABranca is another one to seek. I particularly love it when she’s traveling, which she often does.

One of my favorite designers, @TomScheerer, doesn’t post as frequently as the others, but when he does it’s memorable and inspiring.

West Coast–based designer @GrantKGibson is another whose work and travels are such a pleasure to follow.

From her pottery to her flower arrangements, the images of @FrancesPalmer are each like a gift to the viewer.

Although she is new to the Instagram scene, Greenwich-based interior designer @CharlotteBarnesDesign is one to watch. I’m hoping she’ll start revealing images of her new furniture line here as well.

Two other locals in the Boston area are artist @JillRosenwald and @MichaelJLeePhotography. It’s always fun to see what’s going on behind the scenes at the studio or on a photo shoot.

There are also images from Florida we New Englanders especially look forward to seeing this time of year (as we watch it snow yet again). For those I turn to @MargotLar and @30AStyle.

My last three standouts would have to be @ParkerKennedyLiving for beautiful interiors and Dixie Highway finds, @annettejosephstyle styling and travel, and @DonaldDrawbertson because his art brings me joy. Check out what he can do with electrical tape and Sharpies!

I’d love to hear whom you love to watch. If you’d like to follow me, I’m at @StacyStyle.

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