Design in Depth: Feeding a Cold

January 11, 2012

By Stacy Kunstel

I’m sick, people. Let me tell you it is no fun. I can’t breathe, hear or talk, and I cough about every twenty seconds. All I can think about is finding some comfort. Soft clothes, downy blankets and a hot water bottle aren’t enough at this point. I am in need of some serious design help. Here’s what I would like sent for my recovery:

1.  About a bushel of Barbara Barry’s new Orange Grove Tea.

Photo courtesy of Barbara Barry

Actually, I’d like her to come to my house and make it for me. The woman does everything so absolutely right, I imagine her tea to taste like a magical healing elixir.

Photo courtesy of Barbara Barry

2.  Since there’s no way I could possibly get out of bed, I would like one of those handmade Hästens mattresses delivered immediately. I hear they are the most expensive mattresses in the world and everyone raves about how comfortable they are, so I’m ready to pony up for my own super sickbed. I’m so crazy about the blue and white checked fabric, though, that I wouldn’t want to cover them with sheets. Just give me a big down comforter hand stitched to match.

Photo courtesy of Hästens

3.  For those occasions when I do have to get out of bed before I have recovered, I would like for my feet to only touch silk rugs–like the one I saw at Landry & Arcari in Boston that is handwoven in India from recycled antique saris. Anything else would just be too rough.

Photo courtesy of Landry and Arcari

4.  As long as we’re thinking big, how about a Lew French custom-designed fireplace to warm my room with a crackling fire. The man is such an artist with stone. Just by looking at it I should start to feel better.

Photo courtesy of Lew French

5.  To clear my stuffy head I would like Peabody Supply Company to come and install one of those Kohler Steam Generator Kits in my shower. Without it, I’m not sure at this point if I’ll survive. Surely it’s better than going to the doctor.

Photo courtesy of Kohler

For the rest of you, I hope you’re healthy. Being sick can get expensive!

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